Environmental Engineer ?

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So, you want to be an Environmental Engineer?

Environmental Engineers make a difference to the world by using their expertise to create sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

As environmental challenges such as salinity, soil and water quality and climate change continue to mount, Environmental Engineers are in increasing demand worldwide, to manage the interactions between the natural environment and the built environment.
The University of Melbourne offers a number of internationally-accredited pathways into this high-demand field, through the Bachelor of Environments, the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Commerce.

To start the journey to becoming an environmental engineer, students may study a major in Civil Systems within the Bachelor of Science or Environmental Engineering Systems within the Bachelor of Environments.  Alternatively, a breadth sequence in Physical Systems is available via the Bachelor of Commerce.
Each of these undergraduate pathways leads to the Master of Engineering (Environmental) and the Master of Engineering is accredited by EUR-ACE, meaning graduates can work as professional environmental engineers in Europe.
For more information visit www.eng.unimelb.edu.au/study/undergraduate/environmental.html 

Where can an Arts degree lead you?

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An Arts  degree unlocks the door to a huge range of career opportunities. Unlike courses
that train you for a specific career, Arts degrees provide a set of general,
portable and lasting skills that are vital to all careers.

Monash University has an excellent resource whereby a student can gauge
by the major areas they choose to study which industry they can expect their
Arts degree to be useful.

Visit http://arts.monash.edu.au/careers-matrix/to find out more!